i am beginning to think this may be a weekly blog. but that's okay, having to remember what the girls ate a week ago is good for the memory {and for the immediate detection of early-onset alzheimers, which i am sure i will have}.
there were actually quite a few good no thank you bites last week. and i am proud to report that the girls have begun to try new foods without being asked--they know the routine. some of the more memorable bites:
  • a trip to margaritas revealed a love of sour cream, black beans, and loaded nachos {ie a love of americanized mexican food, but i will take it}
  • ham and swiss croissants {at an old favorite--breaking new grounds in portsmouth} {and note, lulu ate 2!!}
  • scrambled eggs. FINALLY! {although i am a little worried it is because the eggs were cooked in bacon grease--please do not judge, it is absolutely delicious}
  • fresh sliced mozzarella drizzled with olive oil and topped with a pinch of sea salt. {sky ate so much it might have been the most expensive meal of the week}
  • scalloped potatoes. get this: WITH onions. {huge huge hit}
  • roasted carrots. {as this is a staple in my diet, i was ecstatic. next time they are trying the onions and turnips}
  • baked ham. {good to know for easter. always plan ahead.}
  • vegetable juice. {this is kind of a fib. although i do hope they will try v8, because it will allow me to buy it despite the horrific price (i love v8), they actually drank the new fruit juice boxes with vegetables. they have a full serving of fruits and vegetables...not bad}
  • chocolate frozen yogurt with melted peanut butter. {i knew they liked this, but i had t add it to the list to make sure YOU have tried it. so so good. just heat a few teaspoons of peanut butter in the microwave for 30 seconds--until it has melted--then spoon over ice cream or frozen yogurt. to die for. almost as good as guinness chocolate milkshakes or coffee hagen daaz with baileys over the top. have i mentioned those before?}


  1. That's some good stuff.

    For the two mac and cheese lovers, you might explore these "hipster" options:


  2. So what is up with the last month? Could be those law school finals? I think we should have a new entry...of course you might have to confess that Nana purchased Kraft Mac and Cheese...oh no!