okay, so the work week is here again and there is little time to cook or blog...but we'll try to do a little bit of both. the girls take lunch with them {sky is in PK and lu is in K}, and so i still have the opportunity to try new foods with them. of course i want to make sure they eat enough--they both have long days {this isn't france after all}--so we'll take baby steps during the week. today we had sandwiches. old hat you say? but NO, it isn't! believe it or not, the girls do not eat sandwiches! except for grilled cheese of course, because no one, absolutely no one, can pass up cheesy buttery goodness {well, maybe if you're lactose intolerant...quite the plight indeed. and the poor guys and girls in bootcamp at PI or San Diego that get kicked to the rice and steamed veggie line. they miss the one good offering of any chow hall: grilled cheese! but i digress.}. so today is turkey and cheese. they also have blue corn chips...i think they'll like the color. finally, they have the usual standbys in case the sandwiches are not a hit: carrots and peanut butter, raisins, yogurt, juice. i'll let you know what comes home....i am betting they'll like the turkey and cheese.


  1. Lunchbox favorite in my house - ham, cheese, honey mustard and thinly sliced apple (all on wheat or oatmeal bread. Drip the apple slices in lemon juice to prevent browning. No need to rinse off -- just shake them off and stick in the sandwich.

  2. Thanks Kristin, that sounds delicious!