apparently blogger does not like rambling, as it cut off my last post. thank goodness i am writing, and not lulu {did i mention lulu operates on maximum verbosity at all times?}. anyway, just a few more things to add to last week's new foods:
> pancakes with maple syrup: 2 thumbs up {these have been rejected for YEARS, very happy that this classic breakfast food is back on our menu}
> homefries: 1 thumbs up, 1 thumbs down {i am not sure i believe this one...lulu loves potatoes, cooked in almost any way. but, we all know that ketchup makes homefries better (and of course we all know that hot sauce makes them better than better) and lulu snubs ketchup (and hot sauce). so maybe when ketchup makes it off lulu's 'forbidden foods list' she will learn to like homefries. in the meantime, i plan to continue ordering them for her...so i can eat them (with ketchup AND hot sauce)}. {did you see the () within the {}? i love the double bracketing.}

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