so lulu asked me to give lunch a 'pretend thumbs down.' translation: she went into the meal {getting to what it was in a sec} saying she would not like it, and when she ended up liking it, she had to save a little face. so the meal was simple--a quick throw-together-something after morning errands and before the start of the pats game--nonetheless it was new to the girls. my mother gets this delicious anadama {sp?} bread from her food co-op, so i made the girls an egg and cheese sandwich on anadama, seasoned with nothing more than a bit of janes-crazy-mixed-up salt. on the side we had some utz salt and pepper potato chips {pats games require some kind of junk food}, and apple slices with peanut butter. the sandwiches were a hit. the potato chips were a hit {obviously} and the apples with pb were a given. last note, sky "wants to be on the blog." but she doesn't know what she wants to say. i asked her to describe the sandwich {which she devoured} and she laughed, raised her eyebrows, and stuck her tongue out. she is only three people. stay tuned for dinner...sweet potatoes {baked}, chicken {not sure how this is going to be cooked yet} and some sort of salad {laden with vegetables, hopefully roasted} are on the menu...the girls snub their noses at all of these things. SO...we'll see. OH WAIT...it is so important to mention that the peanut butter was CRUNCHY peanut butter. ALWAYS always always CRUNCHY peanut butter.

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