lulu and sky helped make dinner tonight--or more accurately, they dumped massive amounts of brown sugar and butter into the bread pudding {which also had the remaining anadama} which of course made for absolutely scrumptious bread pudding {brown sugar and butter can make just about anything delicious}. {i like, no love, parentheticals. sorry.} i know, i am starting with desert, but it is fresh in the mind, and it was just so good. we only got one thumbs up though, as sky preferred the blueberry cream ice cream i bought.

dinner was also a big hit: breaded chicken {butter, parmesan, dijon, bread crumbs}, sweet potatoes {baked for adults, mashed with butter and a marshmallow for the girls (don't judge the marshmallow. i know.)}, mashed potatoes {back up in case the sweet potatoes weren't a hit}, sauteed spinach with tomatoes and snap peas {sort of odd texture combination, but completely delicious}. oh, and the best artisan bread i have had in ages, warmed with butter of course. wow. perfectly delicious carb overload.

lulu says thumbs up to everything. sweet-tooth-sky says thumbs up for everything but the bread pudding {i don't get it! i'll say it again, it was so delicious!}



  1. lulu wants to emphasize that we do not understand why sky doesn't like the bread pudding. she thinks maybe she doesn't like it because of the bread. hmm. good guess, no?

  2. Dear Jac,
    How does a law school student have time to do all this - keeping up with two active girls, cooking and cleaning up after they help, and then creating a delightful blog about it all?
    Way to go, girl. We're excited that Lulu and Sky are becoming meal creators and food connoisseurs. Just reading makes us hungry.
    'Aunt Lynnnnnnn' and the Rev.