after abandoning the genius idea of no thank you bites {i can say genius, because the idea was not mine} our adventures in eating were suddenly, well, not adventures at all. i mean i love annie's mac and cheese, but when target has a sale {$1!!} and you find yourself buying 25 boxes, you know there is a problem.

why is this a problem? one, i like to eat things other than annies and yet do not have the time to make a meal for the girls and then a meal for me. what i eat, they eat. or i guess more accurately {at least as of late}, what they eat, i eat. {maybe i do not have thyroid issues after all, perhaps it is just too many annies carbs...hmmm}. two, i want the girls to be exposed to great food and great cooking.

so this week i started telling sort of kind of white lies to the girls: i presented them with new foods and told them rachel ray made the same kinds of food. the truth is, the women is so prolific, she probably has made everything i could ever think of making for the girls. anyway, i am not sure why rachel ray has so much cred with them, while i apparently have none, but she does. when i say she eats something, the girls eat it.

however, this trick has its weaknesses. first, soon they will be old enough to see through this little game. second, i want them to be adventurous eaters without cajoling.

when i started no thank you bites, the girls loved writing about their adventures, and tracking the new foods they tried. they had fun being mini foodies. thus no thank you bites is back. join us!


  1. Welcome back...I think it is a great idea to keep this going.

  2. -25 Boxes of Annie's, why not 50?(pre-cook and freeze, microwave ready meals for 30 days).
    -If Skylex won't eat, just tell them it is the last form of sustenance they will see for 7 days.
    -By cheese and butter in bulk, and melt onto EVERYTHING, I am even talking about the cheerios.